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The Lampies

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Synopsis: The Lampies was created by David Bonner and originally commissioned for 52 episodes by the BBC. It is high quality 2d drawn animation, the tagline being: “Wherever There’s a Lamp, There’s a Lampy!” It follows the adventures of a brigade of Lampies, small people who live in and operate lamppost HO32. Their arch Nemesis are a group of evil sewer dwellers called ‘The Roons’, whose sole aim in life is to throw the world into darkness… Their adventures lead them to aeroplanes, lighthouses, farms, ocean going liners, space and even a jam factory. Leader of the HO32 crew is Captain Brightlight, a young and somewhat nervous captain, who is ably helped by his trusty crew. Burnout is an older and very experienced Lampy. He is the engineer and can fix hust about anything. Charge is a bumbling and slightly arrogant junior officer. Contact is the comms girl and Spotlight is the elder-statesLampy, who is lookout. Her job is to ensure that the photo-electric cell is kept clear at all times.


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